Unicorn AEG


You’ll find Unicorn AEG on the border of Berlin Mitte and Berlin Wedding. It’s located at one of Berlins largest industrial sites, in the former building of industry giant AEG. It’s history goes all the way back to 1872 when it was the centre of mechanical and electrical industry of Germany. Nowadays the area has been transformed into a technology and innovation park, where it continues to be a home for innovative companies from all over the world.


The workspace counts a total of 12 offices, two meeting rooms with lounges, a large barista area and phone booths. The room sizes vary between 6 and 16 desks each. Within one minute walking distance there’s as well a canteen available that serves breakfast and lunch.

Nearby Public transport

The U8 is within 3 minute walking distance (U-bahn Voltastrasse) and almost all S-bahn, regional trains and busses are at hand with Berlin Gesundbrunnen just around the corner. (10 min. walking distance)

  • Unicorn AEG
    Voltastraße 6
    13355 Berlin, Germany

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