3 months free office for you and your team in one of our Spaces.

Berlin proves itself day after day as a hotspot for the constantly growing startup scene. Young, dynamic start-ups are constantly developing tons of ideas and innovations to enrich the market and inspire the world. There is a large number of workshops, events and agencies on offer, but does this also apply to the search for a place to work?

Every beginning is difficult: especially for startups. order to be able to work on a good idea, you need a workplace. It should not only be inspiring, but also affordable for a young start-up. This is the first difficulty that appears early in the process. At this point we want to intervene. That small companies can also focus on their innovations and work without being disturbed, we would like to support them and give away a scholarship for founders.


  • 3 months free office for you and your team in one of our Spaces
  • afterwards you get 50% discount for the 4th – 6th month


  • not more than 3 years have passed since the foundation of the company
  • social and sustainable orientation of the start-up

Send us a pitch for your application

Tell us why you are particularly suitable for our Unicorn Scholarship, who you are, what you do as a startup and how you want to change the world.

We look forward to hearing about your great ideas and getting to know you as a team!

Unicorn Workspaces Team