#7 A day with Gabriela (ndF - neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft)

August 4, 2021

ndF: neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH is one of the largest independent film production companies in Germany. In addition to its headquarters in Unterföhring near Munich, the ndF group has branches and subsidiaries in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Rome. We are happy that ndF has found a home in our Unicorn and accompany producer Gabriela through her day.

8 AM: Are you wide awake or still in deep sleep?

My internal clock wakes me up early in the morning without an alarm clock. My phone is on from 8 AM, and most of my colleagues know that. After a glance over my daily schedule, I start my day reading the Süddeutsche Zeitung and having a coffee and a croissant in a coffee shop of my choice. I love my routine and avoid starting the day hectically.

11 AM: It’s time for the first meeting of the day. Today it’s a job interview with a potential new team member. What do you look for in a team member?

In our industry, it is absolutely important to be a team player. So soft skills play a big role alongside professional skills. For an immediate co-worker, personal impressions and preferences are of course important, such as speed, precision, reliability and enthusiasm for our job.

1 PM: You are hungry. What do you do now? Do you check the latest analytics with your business partner? Do you grab a cereal bar and go for a run? Are you a couch potato or fresh air fanatic?

My colleague and I make sure we have a healthy, light lunch and then go for a walk – and we don’t talk about our jobs during lunch break. 

4 PM: You have a press appointment. It’s about the founding of your business. Who has particularly influenced you here? Do you have a role model?

There are many role models. There are also always new aspects. You never stop learning.

6 PM: Is it time to stop working, or are you just getting started?

When we’re not in production, I make sure I have a good work-life balance. In production times, my work-life balance depends on the shoot. The job and its to-dos always come first and have to be done immediately - no matter when.

10 PM: Time to have a break, time to read, to listen and to think. What book/podcast/series/music are you recommending?

Since I read a lot during the day, I don’t have time to read in the evening. There are countless great writers. On vacation, I read extensively. Podcasts are less my cup of tea. I like the series Underground Railroad on Amazon.