#3 A Day with Victor & Tom (VT-Verlag)

April 6, 2021

On behalf of good and extravagant taste, Victor and Tom set out to travel the landscape of extravagant spirits. They have returned with the book Gin Inside - packed with inspiring stories and insights about the cult spirit gin. The two passionate gin connoisseurs and enthusiastic publishers then founded their young start-up, VT-Verlag where Gin Inside was published. We are happy that VT-Verlag has found a home at Unicorn since August 2020 and accompany the founders Tom and Victor through their day.

Great News: their new book Whisky Inside will be released on April, 30th 2021.

8 AM: Are you wide awake or still in deep sleep?

We are absolutely no early birds, and we can’t survive without coffee in the morning. Our advice for a good start to the day: a double espresso. In return, we work longer in the evening.

11 AM: It’s time for the first meeting of the day. Today it’s a job interview with a potential new team member. What do you look for in a team member?

The resume itself is of secondary importance to us. For us, it is important that the person is professionally competent and always willing to develop and be shaped.

1 PM: You are hungry. What do you do now? Do you check the latest analytics with your business partner? Do you grab a cereal bar and go for a run? Are you a couch potato or fresh air fanatic?

Actually, we don’t really take a lunch break. Mostly we just grab something to eat and then go back to work!

6 PM: Is it time to stop working, or are you just getting started?

Since we work in the spirits' industry, it’s not uncommon for us to work until 8pm and then go out to the best bars in Berlin to network. Friends and family are very important and usually find their time in the evenings or on weekends.

10 PM: Time to have a break, time to read, to listen and to think. What book/podcast/series/music are you recommending?

We highly recommend Napoleon Hill and Guy Kawasaki.