Social Reponsibility

What we believe in, and what we do.

We believe in sustainable business concepts on an ecological, economic and social level. Unicorn wants to take on our responsibility, grow, and continue learning as a company.

Eco Friendly

We are conscious of reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Green Energy We use resource-saving green electricity that reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Rechargeable Batteries Longer service life, less waste and better for our environment - a win win situation.
  • Resource Saving Renovations We only do necessary modifications within the buildings of our workspaces and proceed as resource-efficiently as possible.


Feel good, be good, do good!

  • Opportunities for social and eco friendly young businesses to develop. If your business is on a social or environmental mission, our scholarship offers a free office for 3 months! Additionally, you’ll receive coffee, and great co-creators for three months.

  • Scholarship for young founders Young and full of good ideas? Great! Our scholarship includes a free office for 3 months and lots of good coffee.

  • One-Day-Scholarship for events Planning a Christmas market, summer party, or fundraiser? We can offer you one of our event spaces for the day - on one condition: it should be for a good cause.


We support local projects.

  • We work with local businesses! For example, all our tables are produced at a local carpentry workshop in Berlin.

  • If you’re developing a regional project, let’s talk about how we can help you out! Apply for one of our scholarships, or request an event space supported by us.


A good place to work - employees and users alike.

  • Here you’re more than “just” an employee: We have developed an employee participation program for our Unicorns.

  • Employee benefits! We support our team wherever we can: from public transport subsidies, company pension schemes, to a SpenditCard.

  • Equal participation! We make sure that the communication amongst our team is fair and equal by organising regular team workshops and providing a confidante.

We want more

Do you have feedback, exciting projects or interesting ideas that fit our values? Let us know!

Our Principles

Learn more about us and our mission to change the way we work!