Single Desks

A fixed desk, with a barista beverage flate rate

Looking for a dedicated desk in a pleasant working atmosphere? We’ve got you covered. Your dedicated desk space is fully-equipped, features copiers and other office amenities, plus delicious coffee drinks from our baristas - all included in the price. Our one month’s notice cancellation period makes us as flexible as you are.

Single Desks

Single Desk Gallerie

Included Services

  • Monthly Contracts
  • Easy Move In & Out
  • Dedicated Desk (Fixed Desk)
  • Desk, chair, & table lamp
  • 24/7 Access via App
  • Reliable, High-speed Internet
  • Lockable Rollcontainer
  • Barista Coffee Flatrate
  • Café & Kitchenette
  • Fruits & Filtered Water
  • Office Supplies & Printers
  • Reception & Mail
  • IT Services
  • On-site Assistance
  • Cleaning Services

Interested in a Single Desk?

Contact one of our team members, and we will find the right space for you to set up. Just email