Our Values

What believe in, and how we act on it.

Our Values

At Unicorn Workspaces we believe that innovative businesses are best when diverse. We support business concepts that take on sustainability on an ecological, economic, and social level. As a young and creative flex office provider we take on our responsibility, grow, and continue to learn as a company.

Personal & Diverse


For the protection of our employees, we have a defined code of conduct. If anyone experiences a breach of this conduct – or feels harassment in a work situation, they can reach out confidentially to our representatives.


Regardless of origin, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation – we encourage individuals. We aim to provide a welcoming setting with empathy and security. At Unicorn we bring our whole personality to work.

Employee Wellbeing

Migraine, period days, or a mental health day: employees are allowed up to 3 days sick leave without a doctor's note. We trust our employees to take the time they need for their own wellbeing and recovery.

Efficient & Conscious

Resource-efficient renovations

We almost exclusively acquire existing buildings, significantly increasing their service life. When remodeling, we plan minimal impact by only implementing necessary modifications, with limited material usage. Additionally, flex offices can accommodate more people per square meter than traditional office leasing models.

Supply Chain, Energy

We make bulk orders, and track long term recurring orders, to avoid unnecessary waste. Our cafes are stocked with seasonal fruit, efficiently packaged snacks, eco-friendly drinks and fair trade coffee. More than half of our locations use resource-saving green electricity.

Climate Officer

Our internally appointed permanent climate officer sets and tracks defined metrics to reach our social and environmental goals. Together we have selected specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to contribute to accomplishing by 2030.

Fair & Equal

Employee Stocks

Unicorn has developed a VSOP (virtual stock option program) for employees to take part in, and have ownership of the company where they work.


From public transport subsidies, company pension plans, to a SpenditCard and continuing education budget – we have internal programs for all employees.

Equal Cooperation

We ensure transparent and eye to eye communication through regular training and workshops, including topics such as: Unconscious Bias, Communication, and Mental Health.