Safer Surfing

IT standards and services at Unicorn

Privacy and security are essential to your business operations. Unicorn ensures high quality performance, security, and hardware – with the same standards used by fintechs and online banks. With a reliable, secure, and fast network structure, we guarantee your data is safe. Ride on!

Andreas Kühnel, CEO of Heldisch Networx on network security with Unicorn Workspaces.

More privacy

All Unicorn Workspaces are equipped with Fortinet© hardware & FortiGate© firewalls. Enterprise-grade hardware used to secure cyber environments – used by neo-banks and fintechs.

Better connections

With your companys own private network, you’ll have reliable and fast cable internet, wireless / optional wired access, and backup internet connection with an automatic failover.

IT Support

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Our experienced IT team can help you set up VLANs, VPNs, static IPs and more.

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