Pandemic Response

Your Safety

In each workspace, the following rules apply to ensure your safety:

  • Masks (medical / FFP2) are still mandatory in all public and shared areas. This also applies to hallways and restrooms!
  • 3G (vaccinated, recovered, or tested) in all Spaces!
  • 2G (vaccinated, or recovered) for public areas, e.g. in the café.
  • 2G (vaccinated, or recovered) in single desk areas.
  • Assurance of compliant spacing within offices.
  • Routine disinfection of regularly contacted surfaces.
  • PCR & Corona rapid testing for all residents, at our test centers.

In team offices, users are responsible for their own conduct. In single desk and community areas, Unicorn will ask for proof of compliance.

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Safer Work Environments

Covid19 PCR & rapid tests at our centers in Berlin and Potsdam.

As a result of our policies and regular checks, we are able to keep all our workspaces open 24/7. We also reccomend our test centers, where tests are possible for residents - without restrictions.

Where to find our test-centers:

If you would like to receive a booster shot, without a waiting period, (five months after your previous shot) you can register with our test center partner WeCare.