Pandemic Response

Safer Work Environments

Free Corona rapid tests for all residents at our centers in Berlin and Potsdam. Additionally we have self-tests for sale in all the workspaces.

Because of our precautions and regular checks, we have been able to keep all of our workspaces open 24/7. We have also developed several solutions to adapt to the current Covid19 situation.

Where to find our test-centers:

Your Safety

Each workspace implements the following rules in order to secure each individuals safety:

  • Free Corona tests for all residents at our test-centers.
  • Wearing masks is mandatory in shared spaces.
  • Spacing is strictly enforced within shared spaces.
  • Regularly sanitized spaces.


During the crisis, we have responded to the current situation by:

  • Offering very flexible contracts.
  • Room adjustments available within unoccupied areas for extra spacing.
  • Proximity availability: Choose the Workspace closest to you for less transit

Special Offers

We want to do the best we can to support you, and make things easier with:

  • Home office set delivery.
  • Work Week single desk all inclusive pass for €50 (+ VAT).

Interested? For more info contact