Unicorns Referral Bonus

Recommend us to others and we’ll make it worth your while with our referral bonus.

We love a breath of fresh air in our workspaces. So much so that we will reward you with a monetary referral bonus if you bring new users to Unicorn. Know someone who knows someone who knows someone? Time to start recommending!

What’s a Referral Bonus?

Whenever a recommendation leads to a closed contract,we want to say thank you and financially reward you for your referral.

How much is the bonus?

The more people we see working at our desks thanks to you, the higher the bonus:

  • 1-8 desks: €250,00
  • 9-20 desks: €500,00
  • 21+ desks: €1.000,00

Terms and Conditions

Everyone can recommend new users. But there are some regulations you’ll have to keep in mind:

  • You can only refer new users to us - meaning they have not yet had a contract with Unicorn.
  • There must not have been any direct contact between us and the new user or any contact via third parties beforehand.
  • Self-recommendations, recommendations between non-users of the same company, and mutual recommendations are not possible - even though we generally dig team work!.

You can refer users via phone or mail, just make sure the recommendation is stated clearly on the first contact.

What else?

The referral bonus only applies to contracts with a minimum duration of three months. Once the contractual minimum term has passed you’ll be handed your bonus.

Want to get started?

Write us a mail: booking@unicorn.de