Unicorn Workspaces x Conflictfood

Conflictfood Safran aus Afghanistan, 300 dpi, Foto: Gernot Würtenberger

“The taste of Peace” is the slogan of our most recent cooperation partner, the Berlin social startup Conflictfood. Since 2016 the founders Salem El-Mogaddedi and Gernot Würtenberger have developed a concept to bring peace to the dinner table. They attach particular importance to direct trade, the best regional ingredients, sustainable action and absolute transparency in order to tell a different story.

What does “the taste of peace” even mean? The concept behind Conflictfood is first and foremost the conviction of Salem and Gernot that there are culinary treasures to be discovered in every kitchen in the world. In order to bring the culinary diversity of various regions to the plate, they set out for the conflict regions of the world to discover typical local specialities.

Team Conflictfood, 300 dpi, Foto: Enver Hirsch

These are acquired fairly and directly by local small farmers.. This strengthens local structures and creates new perspectives out of poverty. When the so-called “peace packages” arrive in Germany, they are individually packaged in ateliers for people with disabilities. Each package also includes a newspaper that provides information about the conflict in the country of origin and at the same time conveys the history, joie de vivre and food culture of the region. After all, Salem and Gernot firmly believe that food is more than just food and should rather be understood as a ”social principle that understands the people and unifies them”.

If you want to find out more about Conflictfood, click here. Who wants to follow Salem’s and Gernot’s travels, can also find out more on their own blog. To purchase a “peace package”, visit the Conflictfood online shop.

We think: indulgence has never been so much fun.