Share the warmth – Unicorn supports the Berliner Stadtmission in fighting the cold

It’s Christmas time again and this year, we at Unicorn would like to give our best to alleviate need in Berlin. Therefore we collect donations for the Kältebus-Organisation of the Berliner Stadtmission.

Sometimes the ways of life are unfathomable and, so many people end up on the streets due to difficult living conditions or unexpected happenings. Not only do they often suffer hunger but also experience exclusion from society.Especially in winter the weather conditions can give some of our fellow human beings a very hard time. Due to a lack of capacities many find no place in one of the shelters warm rooms to be protected against the cold or are so withdrawn from the world, that they can no longer make it into protective facilities. This winter we would like to support the helpers who take care of people without shelter during the cold months and take the Kältebus through Berlin to help those affected.

Kältebusse are busses that operate as mobile aids for people living on the street. Equipped with sleeping bags, sleeping mats, blankets, winter shoes, warm clothes and food, the helpers take the busses directly to those in need to share some warmth during cold days.

Between November, 1st and 31st of March, the bus will be on the road daily:

Kältebus 1: from 9pm to 3am

Kältebus 2: from 7pm to 1am

We truly believe that this organisation and the vital aid they provide must be supported unconditionally. Therefore Unicorn Workspaces will donate money to the Berlin City Mission via the platform Leetchi to support their efforts.

The first step is already done – us, the Unicorn team, donated 2000€ to show some love, initiative and support for the Kältebus-Organisation.


Thank you very much and Merry Christmas.

Your Unicorn team