Unicorn’s key to healthy nutrition in everyday office life

From food prep, to healthy snack alternatives, to the right portion sizes – these are our tips and tricks for maintaining a balanced lifestyle in office life.

When deadlines are getting closer, the inbox is about to explode, most of the day is spend in the meeting room and 9 to 5 transforms to 24/7 healthy eating habits, can become an extra challenge. Whether breakfast is deliberately replaced by a quick coffee to go to to save some time in the morning, or small snacks suddenly equal a lunch – when there is a lot to do and little time left, thoughts often revolve around everything except healthy nutrition. Even though it is generally known that healthy earring can help not only the body but also the psyche to deal with stress more efficiently, we often don’t find the time to focus on nutrition on top of work. This often results in (unhealthy) eating routines that are often maintained after returning to “normal” office life and therefore don’t contribute to a balanced lifestyle in the long term.

Above all, the key to healthy nutrition in everyday office life lies in acquiring a broad understanding of nutrition in general and this developing healthier eating routines. Those who already integrated a balanced diet in everyday life, proactively know what is good for their own body and will therefore find it easier to remain true to this line of healthy eating – even in stressful situations. As achieving this can seem like a huge project at first and is definitely easier said than done, we have developed a short guide to help you to eat healthier in your office life and to develop a long term balanced eating routines.

It’s all about the snacks.


As the saying goes, it is often the small things that make up life. This can certainly be applied to the topic of nutrition because here it is often the “small treats in between” that make healthy eating so hard. A granola bar on the way to work, a few biscuits with a nice cappuccino, a snickers as an energy boost before the next meeting or the obligatory afterwork chips or popcorn during a movie night – the list of snacks that are often consumed incidentally or even unconsciously in addition to meals is sheer endless. From a nutritional point of view, however, these are sadly problematic to look at as the multitude of those snacks mostly offer no real nutritional value for our body. On the contrary, they only supply you with energy for a short amount of time and therefore contain many “empty calories”.

Time to end the snacking? Yes and no. It can’t be argues that the body sometimes needs a little treat between meals to recharge its batteries or simply for the joy of eating, as a motivation or a reward for hard work done. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks, these should be replaced by healthy or healthier alternatives such as fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, nuts or even dark chocolate with a percentage of cocoa. However, portion sizes play a huge role in this – especially when it comes to fruits as they are naturally high in fructose as well as for nuts and dark chocolate as these are high in calories.

Preparation is everything.

“Meal prep” is no longer an exclusive trends to fitness fanatics, but has already found its way into many people’s everyday lives. In fact preparing meals, as well as small snacks, can make a huge difference when sticking to healthy nutrition in everyday life. On the one hand, the temptation to get unhealthy take out food is obviously correspondingly lower if you brought your own food. On the other hand, portions play a huge role here again, as many restaurants serve much larger sizes than actually recommended. Another advantage of meal prep is that one knows how much of which ingredients was actually used to prepare the dish. This is particularly interesting with regards to additional flavour enhancers and other “invisible” additives. Last but not least, cooking is not only fun, but to “meal prep” can also save you money in the long run.

For all those who are rather too lazy to additionally food prep, a start would be to just cook a bit more for dinner and then take the leftovers to work the next day. If you also struggle to find the time to cook and do grocery shopping in general, you could try out the services of a so called cooking box delivery as Hello Fresh to deliver recipes and the necessary ingredients right to your front door.

Take a walk.

The counterpart to a healthy diet is of course sufficient exercise. Especially when at work, a short walk in between is always a good idea to get some fresh air and to recharge the batteries without having to depend on coffee every hour. At the same time, this gives you the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood around the office and even look for healthy food options to try out on your next lunch break. It is also good to discover the next supermarket within walking distance to easily stock up on fruit and vegetables in between.

Hydrate yourself.


What many don’t know ist the thirst is often confused with hunger. This leads not only to the fact that our supposed hunger feeling is not really satisfied after eating something, but also that we eat more than we would like. Furthermore it is also well known that sufficient hydration can work as a miracle to cure headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue. Of course we should mainly consume water to stay hydrated. If water is too “boring” for you, you should still try to stay away from soft drinks and instead try out “detox water” or stick to healthy tea options like green tea. “Detox water” is water that is enriched with lemon, mint, oranges or other fruits to spice up the taste but also offers other health advantages. Not only does it not contain any additional calories but also promotes the metabolism, ensures a good nutrient balance and furthermore supports your detox organs.

We’re all in this together.

True to the motto: “One team, one dream”, it is not only nicer to eat around people, but also an extra motivation to share a healthy eating routine with the coworkers. Especially if you try to integrate new eating habits into your office routine alone, the possibility that you have to ditch the weekly visit to the pizza place next by or the obligatory afternoon cake is given. To make you not feel like you are missing out, it is therefore ideal to just include the entire office environment into making a shift to a healthier lifestyle. Especially employers in particular can get involved here by offering healthy catering, a complimentary fruit basket, a weekly healthy breakfast, cooking courses as a team-building measures, seminars on healthy nutrition or free yoga classes. But it can also be extremely beneficial to just make arrangements with the own coworkers so everyone can bring food from home on the same day or go out to a restaurant that offers healthy food alternatives together.

We at Unicorn Workspaces know how important balanced nutrition is to keep our body and mind healthy and in harmony. Therefore it is very important to us to have a range of healthy food option in our cafés and canteens. We also offer healthy catering for your events and all of our workspaces provide free fruit as well as homemade organic soups. After all, healthy eating is not about blindly following rules, but about building your own understanding of healthy eating.