“Large cup of sustainability, please”: Berlin-based company for more sustainable coffee consumption

The cooperation between Andraschko Kaffeemanufaktur and the shared office provider Unicorn Workspaces sets a sign for more locality and sustainability in everyday life in Berlin.

Since summer 2017, the Berlin coffee experts from Andraschko and the Berlin workspace operator Unicorn have had one thing in common: a belief in excellent coffee from sustainable production. A shared vision of sustainability as a long-term mission rather than a short-lived trend therefore led to the cooperation of the companies during the strategic reorientation towards more sustainable Unicorn Workspaces. Since then, all Unicorn locations have exclusively served coffee creations from selected direct-trade espresso blends of the local coffee company of which some even convince with their organic quality. On top, the coffee is prepared by the in-house Unicorn community barista in special Italien sieve carrier machines. The barista were previously trained in a special course developed by Andraschko, so that both the espresso in the morning as well as the flat white in the afternoon become a special treat.

“From Crop to Cup” is the motto under which Elisabeth and Willy Andraschko founded their own coffee manufactory in 2006 after they already opened a Viennese coffee house in Berlin in 1979. Their own manufactory reflects the ambition of the two coffee lovers to participate in every step of coffee production from harvest to actual roasting. Elisabeth Andraschko therefore explains: “Our highest priority is the quality of our coffee. We believe that sustainability and fair trades with our production partners are particularly important to this.” For this reason, the Andraschkos regularly travel to farms all over the world not only to know where and under what conditions their beans are grown, but above all to establish intensive contacts with the farmers. Andrashko’s magic formula is: contact at eye level as the only way to find true quality and to maintain fair and sustainable relationships.

Sustainability is also an important concern for Unicorn Workspaces that is furthermore deeply rooted in the Unicorn philosophy. CEO and co-founder Florian Kosak explains: “Our vision of ‘workspace as a service’ is to provide affordable workspaces for companies and individuals, while acting as sustainably as possible”. The collaboration with Andraschko is only one example of the actual realization of this ambition. In addition, the company, that was founded in 2015, supplies its office space with green electricity, works closely with local carpenters to produce sustainable office furniture and tries to make the everyday office life of its coworkers as ecological as possible. On the first day, for example, all coworkers exchange their old batteries for rechargeable ones. “The goal is to one day have a CO2-neutral workspace.”. Kosak announces optimistically.

The pursuit of more sustainability is a concept through which the two Berlin-based companies grow together and that seems to work for both: the “workspace as a service” provider has already confirmed the opening of its 13th location in summer 2019 and Andraschko has made itself an international name as a speciality coffee roaster for its combination of modern production processes, classic craftsmanship and decades of experience.