Unicorn’s podcasts: January

To set intentions for the good year is a popular tradition. If listening to more (and better) podcasts in 2019 is one of yours, then you’ve come to the right place.

Once again we have put together a colourful mixture of inspirational podcasts for you. Enjoy listening to our Unicorn podcast selection on January 2019.

1.John Doerr: Why the secret to success is setting the right goals (Ted Talks)

In the following TED Talk, John Doerr explains how setting the right goals can make the difference between success and failure – and how we can use our OKR’ to hold our leaders and ourselves accountable.

2. [for German speakers] #7 – Opinary Co-Gründerin Pia Frey über Neugierde und die Kunst gute Fragen zu stellen (Role Models)

Pia Frey is the co-founder of Opinary, an opinion startup from Berlin. Opinary’s mission is to represent an opinion of defined communities by asking them questions. This podcast is about her passion for questions and why questions work as a motor for attention. Frey talks about her startups, the special dynamics of the founding trio of Opinary, why a mission is indispensable for a successful outcome and how curiosity and fearlessness have already opened important doors for her in some situations.

3. [for German speakers] 50 Gute Fragen für 2019 – mit Sarah Desai (Teil 1) (Meditation, Coaching & Life)

Have you ever thought about asking yourself 50 good questions for 2019? In fact good questions are sometimes even more important than having all the answers. Instead of the typical New Years resolutions, Curse and Sarah Desai start the year with good questions. They believe that good questions make us listen more to ourselves, make us reflect and perhaps even encounter some unexpected insights. Be sure to have a note and a pen ready while listening to this to start this year (and this podcast session) right.

4. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Recode Media- With Peter Kafka)

Jack Dorsey runs one of the most valuable, exciting and at the same time frustrating technology companies in the world. In this special bonus episode from Recode Media, Twitter CEO Dorsey talks to NYU professor Jay Rosen about how the media platform perceives and reflects its societal responsibility. Be ready for some interesting insights.

5. [for German speakers] Tom Wujec: Baue einen Turm, forme ein Team

Tom Wujec presents some surprisingly deep insights to the research into the so called “marshmallow problem” which is a simple team-building task that includes dry spaghetti, about one meter of tape and a marshmallow. The question is now: who can build the highest tower using these ingredients?