When Unicorns become tree pates for Christmas season

Christmas is just around the corner and welcomes us with lots of colourful lights, beautiful decoration, frosty cold, the scent of homemade biscuits and of course the obligatory Christmas tree.

Once again we enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest and love to share our Christmas spirit with our unicorns in our workspaces. In order to spice up the last month of the year and to create an extra Christmassy atmosphere, we decided to set up small Christmas trees decorated with festive wooden and golden Unicorn pendants, in all of our spaces.

It is certain to say that our Christmas trees are a little extra that does a lot: the smell of the fir needles floats in the air of our offices and contributes to a beautiful Christmas feeling. So far, so good. What many fir tree lovers are not aware of is, that this beautiful tradition of setting up the tree comes with a dark side.

Let alone in Germany, there are almost 30 million Christmas trees sold every year. About ten percent of them come from abroad, mostly from Denmark. In fact, most trees grow in specially planted Christmas tree cultures and are often treated with insecticides, herbicides as well as mineral fertilisers. This damages the soil, groundwater and the ecosystem as a whole. Last but not least, this can also be detrimental to human health.

We want to end this vicious circle and contribute to protect our environment. For this reason we took action and planted regional trees with roots in a pot. We took care of them during Christmas season and invited our unicorns to be part of a so-called “tree pate ship”. The background behind such a “tree sponsorship” is to initiative our coworkers to take care of planting their tree back into nature. In the end this means that you can enjoy a traditional Christmas including a Christmas tree without being too much of a burden to our environment.

A great opportunity to celebrate Christmas without having to renounce the good old Christmas tree tradition and to stay environmentally conscious at the same time.