Unicorn’s Twitter Highlights: December

Wisdom, wittiness and wonder in 280 signs – welcome to our Twitter moguls of the month.  

From “dad jokes”, to captions that are on point, to music that makes us move, to food critics that are one of a kind, to women that rock the tech-scene – this is your December with Unicorn.

1.Ken Jennings (@KenJennings)

The American game show contestant and author does not only hold the longest winning streak in the US gameshow Jeopardy! but also excites his 290k Twitter follower with his unique “dad humour”.

2. Margarete Stokowski (@marga_owski)

Stokowski is author and writer of the Spiegel column “Oben und Unten”. Her Twitter account persuades with brilliant captions that are always on point whether she tweets about ongoing debates or everyday life.

3. MixMag (@mixmag)

The Twitter account of the British music magazine is a must-follow for lovers of electronic music and fans of the international club scene.

4. Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay)

It is by far a secret that the British star cook is not only a master in the kitchen but also pretty good in finding the right words to judge the culinary art of others. On Twitter, Ramsay not only shares reciped but also tells us how he feels about the creations of his followers. #SeafoodSalmonella – do we need to say more?

5. Emily Chang (@emilychangtv)

The author of Brotopia: Breaking up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley focuses on women in the tech-scene. Chang who also hosts her own show on Bloomberg tweets about successful women of the scene as well as about everything else going on in the tech-industry.