Unicorn’s Podcasts: December

The year is coming to an end and you are running out of inspiration? Listen to these podcasts and recharge your creativity.

From a plan to make the world a better place, to the future of the human-robot relationship, to the success story behind Viva con Agua, to a marketing guru that founded his first company when he was only 16, to a meeting of a special kind – this is your December with Unicorn.

1.François Candelon: How Do We Stop the Massive Inequality Dominating the World Economy (Ted Talks)

TEDs mission is to spread ideas. What started back in 1984 as a conference with focus on technology, entertainment and design is now a global platform. “Instead of fighting against the growing power (…) countries from the rest of the world should tangle with them” – digital strategist François Candelon comes to the conclusion that 20 of the worlds biggest internet companies actually find their roots in two countries only. He offers a solution for this issue.

2. a16z Podcast: The IQ and EQ of Robots (a16 Podcasts)

The podcasts of a16z are all about tech, trends in culture, news and the future as “software eats the world”. They are produced by Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital company that is based in the Silicon Valley. In this episode called “The IQ and EQ of Robots” Boris Sofman, the CEO and co-founder of Anki and computer science research professor Dave Touretzky discuss the past and future of robots with Hanne Tidman of a16z. Where is this journey taking us?

3. [for German speakers] #91 mit Benjamin Adrion von Viva con Agua (On The Way To New Work)

On the Way to New Work consists of the Hamburger entrepreneurs Michael Trautmann und Christoph Magnussen. In their weekly podcast, the duo invites diverse guests to discuss everything about New Work. In #92 Michael welcomes Benjamin Adrion, the founder of the social initiative Viva con Agua. In this episode Adrion shares everything from the beginning and a training camp on Cuba to the establishment and success of Viva Con Agua.

4. [for German speakers] OMR #165 mit Enfore-CEO Marco Börries (OMR Podcast)

Every Wednesday OMR host Philip Westermeyer invites makers as well as good friend to his podcast channels that is all about digital marketing. Im OMR #165 he welcomes Marco Börris who founded his first company when he was still in school. Since then the digital champion has messed with Microsoft, lead Yahoo into the mobile future and even met the legendary Steve Jobs. His Vision? Find out more in the podcast.

5. [for German speakers] #18: Fynn Kliemann x Chilly Gonzalez (Talk-O-Mat)

The TALK-O-MAT connects two strangers and makes them have a conversation – simple as it sounds. But: the topic of the conversation is given by the TALK-O-MAT itself. In #18 internet hero Fynn Kliemann meets musician Chilly Gonzalez and they talk about everything from family, to big apples, to concerts, to the German language, to restaurants in Cologne and what it means to be free.