From Berlin with wonder

If we could describe Berlin with few words it would be chaos, energy, punk and leisure. In this city you can see about 4 to 5 bike crashes per day, lots of adults not working and just hanging in cafes, playing volleyball or just enjoying life’s pleasure. In spite of this, it still has it’s atmosphere of many possibilities and taste of success. It’s place of bikers (and they ride crazy – like crazy among the cars) they don’t really seem to care about brand nor price of it. They take it as a vehicle to get from place A to B – so do not look forward seeing many beau bikes – it’s city of punk.

Walking down the streets might seem like any other big city – but don’t let fool yourself. Just little after noon you have the chance to see standing “first class” hookers right around the corner of most luxurious stores and brands. But comparing to red district in Hamburg we visited after (next story on Monday) it’s all cool.

While working on tour you better look up wifi free cafes at your hotel room (if it has one) because staying connected in Berlin might cost you a lot – both time and money (can’t decide which one is more valuable).

So we have one tip for your trips. It’s called on Brunnenstraße 173, it’s nice cafe with co-working space, where you can get rest and cup of good coffee, plus they have super fast wi-fi connection. We have also met there Czech “colleague” working on startup with matcha green tea (we haven’t tried them yet but if you did – let us know what’s they like!) so it was nice coincidence meeting nice person in foreign country who speaks our language and tries to make it outside the country. We wish you good luck.

Back to bikes. And crashes. We also had this pleasure of tasting the delicate and smooth Berliner asphalt. Our colleague Patricia said it’s much tender than in Slovakia or Czech republic after she saved little kid who went on the road with full traffic. Actually it wasn’t really saving, more likely she was testing a new e-bike at ( with whom we are on good way to make a partnership) and fell on the road while trying to not to kill him.

Anyway, If you look for city with open minded and nice people, city that actually lives and it’s not going to ruin your wallet (even though staying connected is kind of hard) – we recommend you Berlin which is designed for all the young NAUTs exploring possibilities of life.

 Big thanks to our partners Mini, Festka, Bang and Olufsen, Mana, Fiorina Fury, Mirka Horka,, Zew, Macek Legal and Home3.