Berlin coworking tour – being Unicorn’s for 1 hour? Stop #2

Back this Monday with our coworking tour around the city. We currently live in Berlin!

After meeting the awesome Noize Fabrik people, we decided for our second meeting to go up North, in the area of Mitte. We know a coworking space there which is a small treasure:


First, this is not just a coworking space. It’s also a cafe serving DELICIOUS and fresh food, everyday. You have to try it 🙂

Second, the interior design is AMAZINGLY beautiful. The atmosphere there is cosy, like a small creative cocoon. The furniture is carefully picked to be subtle and fitting the atmosphere. From the lamps, to the tables and the chairs, everything has been thought to the smallest details. And I love that.


Lastly, I love their mobile app, which let you easily book your desk. The UI and UX design of it is really beautiful and makes me want to book desks all the time 🙂

All these reasons combined were more than enough for me. We HAD to meet them 🙂 So I reached out to Steffi, who is Marketing Manager at Unicorn and we met her early in the morning for a delicious coffee!


We introduced her to the concept of COWORKIES, told her everything on how it started, what we achieved so far and where we want to go with the project. She also gave us more insights about Unicorn.Berlin and told us they now have two locations:

  • Unicorn.Mitte
  • Unicorn.Wedding which is a bigger version of the first one and which has a nice event space. We did not see it yet but we can’t wait to visit!

We also spoke about collaborating together and we are SO thrilled to have the support of Unicorn! This is the beginning of a great story and we can’t wait for more 🙂

Obviously, the COWORKIES selfie remained and we chose the best spot, judge by yourself:


Steffi, thanks for your warm welcome and for your time! It’s so great to collaborate with you 🙂

PS: and next year, we have to attend the Immergut Festival that you organize  🙂